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Teen Wolf Cast + Shirtless Photos

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I had an idea for a big dumb mythology/folklore AU, though this looks more fantasy RPG because every outfit I thought of that made me think PANTHEON!! wasn’t at all functional? Pfft, who wants to go on adventures in robes? Not me. And not Stiles. He’d probably trip all over them.

The story is that Derek is essentially Fenrir. His family were all wolves that shed their pelts (faolfir /cackles) and the gods were terrified of them because they were the only things that could kill them, to death. They couldn’t kill them all because it would just invite the cycle to start again, but Kate, a goddess of passion (but not love), took it upon herself to deal with the “problem.” She seduced Derek and locked him away, and to make sure he wouldn’t escape, she took his pelt and shredded it. The rest of the Hales were killed, save for Laura (who had been away, looking for Derek) and Peter (but his pelt was destroyed in the fire). The pieces of Derek’s pelt are scattered and those who find them become the first werewolves.

And then some millenia later, some dumb trickster demigod dragged his mortal friend to go exploring some caves and they found Derek, and thinking he was just some poor dude, they let him go. He threatened convinced them to help him find the pieces of his pelt. Derek immediately regrets this decision.

Also letting Derek out may or may not have kickstarted the in-universe ragnarok. Whoops. GOOD JOB, GUYS.

I thought about this AU way too much and I now have a ridiculously large headcanon for it, and I’m probably going to draw more dumb things just so I can rant more. Sorry fkjsdhkfje

(Also the runes on Stiles are from Hávamál, in Ljóðatal, which I copied down into Younger Futhark/Medieval runes for this because I clearly hate myself)

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you don’t own us.

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Teen Wolf AU: Stiles is incredibly nervous about meeting his boyfriend’s family for the first time at Cora’s birthday party, so he gets her the biggest present in the history of big presents in order to get on their good side. 

giveaway prompt fill for sterec

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[finishes watching ep 3]

[closes Jaime Lannister tabs]

[opens tabs for Oberyn Martell] 

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Periods aren’t an excuse to get out of anything.
- People who have never experienced blood pouring out of their genitals (via wiifitting)
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Dylan O’Brien @ WonderCon 2014 x

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*mutual follow likes my post*


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